About You

One of the main sections on this web site has been titled "About You". It contains categories and articles that define what we believe could be important to you as a potential client of Torq Software and our software development expertise. Please feel free to provide feedback on this content or suggest additional content related to software development that is of relevance to you. We focus on you as the client so as to archieve the goal of:

Your Business Success through Software Development

Its not about the technology, but what it can do for you. The categories of articles that discuss how software development assists in achieving your business success are listed below.

Creating Long Term Repeat Customers

CreatingStickyCustomersYou can create long term repeat customers by developing internal systems that dovetail with your key customers. This is challenging and often can not be achieved using off the shelf software. We can develop software that integrate your business systems with your customers. A well performing integrated set of systems is a strong reason for your customers to do more business with you.

Differentiating Your Business

DifferentiateYourselfDifferentiate your business by developing software systems designed specifically for your scenarios. You can highlight these advances to your Clients as a differentiating factor. It shows that you're ahead of the pack and have well performing internal systems to meet your Client's needs. We achieved this very thing with Insight Mercantile in the Debt Collection Industry.

Insight were using a Microsoft Access based debt collection based management system. It was based on older technology and was having database integrity issues. This severely limited Insight's ability to expand at the time. Together we worked on developing the Iris Debt Collection Management System which resolved many operational issues but also showed Insight's major Clients that they are different to their competitors and are willing to build advanced internal systems to meet their Client's needs.

Rescuing Your Project

RescuingYourProjectLarge Software projects have a long dismal history of failures and many developers have experienced a "death march" project or two during their careers. We have had experience pulling software projects out of the fire and getting them back on track. Its a very difficult proposition and can be politically tough to achieve, but it can be done. We can bring a fresh perspective to your problem project tinged with an understanding that expectations of what developers can practically achieve can easily become unrealistic.

Saving Your Client's Time

SavingYourClientsTimeStructuring your systems so that it saves your Client's time makes it easier for them to do business with you. Making it easier to buy and easier to work with you is a way of not having to compete on price alone. We can develop software so that it is easy for your client to purchase and then easy to follow up on the status of service or product delivery.

Taking a Product Approach on Projects

ProductApproachOnProjects We are all about developing and maintaining software products at Torq Software. This means we plan and work for the long term and don't act like a body shop that disappear as soon as the initial development work has been completed. We take this same approach when working on any software development project. Our design and thought processes include allowances for both short term goals and the reality of maintaining software for the long term. So if you have a need to augment your software development resources for your own projects give us a call.