Automate Processes

AutomateProcessesThe largest cost in most modern businesses typically are labour costs. Hence it makes sense to automate as much of your internal workflows as practical. Off the shelf software that performs this automation task is ideal, but often there simply isn't an existing software product that meets your automation needs. We can develop software for your business which automates workflows that haven't yet been automated.

A typical scenario is the use of standard Office products such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Visio. They provide a high level of functionality but are not targeted at particular industries. We can develop Office add-ins which enhance these Office products with functionality that is specific to your business. These will save your Staff from having to perform repetitive tasks which suck up time in their day which could be spent on more beneficial tasks. Note that many other standard Software products have APIs which we can use to extend their functionality and automate your internal processes.

An example of the development of an Office add-in is the MacroView Excel Addin product that we have developed. It extends the Excel functionality to communicate to MacroView systems. It allows information from MacroView systems to be easily and dynamically imported into an Excel spreadsheet. We can achieve the same functionality for any of your internal or external systems. This would allow you and your staff to quickly product Word, Excel, Visio and other documents without having to manually copy and paste information every time.

The MacroView Excel Addin extends Excel 2007 with an additional ribbon tab. For Excel 2003 and earlier, an additional drop down menu is included. These additional menu options provide the ability to specify what external data to be able to import dynamically and how the information is updated.

It allows dynamically updated individual values to be placed in individual cells and then referenced by the standard Excel calculation and display functionality:

Similarly, large tables of external data can easily be integrated and updated: